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Can you say "La música me gusta"?

If you like music, I learned you say, "Me gusta la música." Can you also say "La música me gusta"?

Can you also put a subject noun in front of "Me encanta," and "Me duele"? i.e. La garganta me duele.

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    Yes, you can use "Me gusta la música" and "La música me gusta".

    Also, "La garganta me duele" (and "Me duele la garganta") are correct.
    - Others examples:

    "Me encanta la comida" / "La comida me encanta"
    "Me encantan los deportes" / "Los deportes me encantan"

    Both phrases are gramatically correct but the meaning or the context in which you use them are slightly different.
    "Me gusta la música" or "Me duele...", these phrases are use when you are describing/telling what do you like or what do you ache.
    "La música me gusta" and "La garganta me duele", they are answers of the following questions "¿qué te gusta?" and "¿qué te duele?".

    Good luck!

    The difference between saying "I like music" you refer to in particular music or music that you're listening to at that time.
    While you say "I like music" refers to music in General.

    When we are talking about our hobbies or feelings, in spanish we prefer

    "Me gusta la música" and not "La música me gusta"
    "No me gusta el pollo" and not "El pollo no me gusta"
    "Me encanta Paris" and not "Paris me encanta
    "Me duele la garganta" and not "La garganta me duele"

    But for answering a question like:
    "¿Te gusta el pollo? " We prefer "El pollo no me gusta"
    "¿Te gusta Roma? -No, no me gusta. -¿Y París? - ¡París me encanta! "

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