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How do you say 'somebody said this' in Korean?

I want to know how to say something like: 'my teacher said work hard.' or 'my friend said you're crazy!' ~ I know that 말했다 = Said... but I'm not exactly sure how to use it correct!
Thank you! 감사합니다! (':

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    You can say "-(다/라)고 (말)했어요" for that.

    1. My teacher said work hard
    = 우리 선생님께서는 열심히 공부하라+고 하셨어요.(when quoting imperatives)
    "하셨어요" is the honorific of "했어요"

    2. My friend said I was crazy.
    = 제 친구는 제가 미쳤다+고 했어요.


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