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What is the meaning of よくもった

what is the meaning of よくもった in this sentense? Can you give an example of the way this expression is used?


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    「もつ」(「もった」is the past tense of「もつ」)has several means, but in this case is...
    ある状態が維持されるcontinues in a state。また、消費・消耗し尽くされないで残るremains without consumption。

    The patient did not 〔live〕 till spring.

    How much longer will our gasoline 〔hold out〕?

    The suit did not 〔wear〕 very well.

    The meat will not 〔keep〕 in this heat un less you put it in the freezer.

    It looks this good weather will 〔hold〕.

    I can't 〔stand〕 it any longer.

    He is the 〔mainstay〕 of the store.

               Sorry my english.(^_^)

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