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I, me, you, your, you're, my, etc. in Korean...

니, 넌, 난, 내, 너, 나, 널, 날, 제, 저.
I understand that these words mean you, me, I, my etc., but I get confused on which is which! Can anybody explain to me the meaning of each??
(\('o' )/)

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    1. 니 is more like a Seoul dialect meaning "너(you)"

    2. 넌,난,날,널 are short for 너는, 나는, 나를, 너를 respectively.

    3. 내 can be considered as two ways,
    1) a contraction of "나의", 2) a subject with "가", which is "내가"
    e.g. 내 가방 = 나의 가방 = my bag / 내가 했어 = I did.

    4. 제 is the humble form of 내
    e.g. 제 가방 = 저의 가방 = my bag / 제가 했어요 = I did.

    5. 저 is the humble form of 나
    1) as a subject, 저는 or 제가 2) as an object, 저를(or 절)

    In a nutshell,
    1. 나, 나는(난, as a topic), 나를(날, object), 나의(내, my), 내가(subject)
    2. 저, 저는(전, as a topic), 저를(절, object), 저의(제, my), 제가(subject)
    3. 너, 너는(넌, as a topic), 너를(널, object), 너의(네, your), 네가(subject)


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