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Are the words "gonna", "wanna" and "gotta" used in just the US?

I have a question. So I want to ask one of you guys.
That is if the words "gonna", "wanna" and "gotta" are used in just the US, or also in other countries. If you use them, tell me your countries.
I hope you can answer me :)

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    They're used in other countries, but they still make you sound as if you failed school.

    I have a Filipina friend who lives in the Philippines (Luzon) and in casual conversation she uses these informal words. I think it is cute to hear them and if used in proper conversation they are handy. I have a college degree and never failed a class or test in my entire life and I use these in conversation with friends!

    In my english teacher opinion is The words from american english so american people used that but we can use the words although the words is not formal for many people especially british and the meaning same with "want"

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