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what is that mean? (japanese)

hello i have a question about japanese well im watching anime called naruto maybe you watch that before

well i heard naruto says "dattebayo" before he say something and i am not quite sure what is that mean. i guess "datte" means "because" so "dattebayo" means "thats because" or something like that?

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    I've never watched that anime. But the word "dattebayo" means the same as "desu".
    "dattebayo" is a very casual way to say "desu". I guess if you want to use this word ,you should use it to your close friend.

    yeah, its kind of "desu" or "da".
    It's just his habit. Generally, we don't say it, like him. It shows his personality, and that way also be used at other anime or manga. You know, you can express your personality through Japanese.

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