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gift giving traditions in the US

Can any American inform me something about American gift giving traditions?
1. What do you usually give senior for gifts? 2. What do you usually give children for gifts? THANKS A LOT!

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    Hmm. I don't think we really have "traditions" about that, so to speak. We exchange gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and sometimes other holidays depending on the people. Kids usually get toys when they get gifts, or books or something else that the child likes/needs. There aren't really any specific "traditional" gifts that children receive that I can really think of. I guess it just depends on the background and ethnicity of the family. There may be children who receive gifts that are very traditional in their home country, or parent's home country (or grandparent's home country, etc.) but really nothing truly "American" that I can honestly think of mentioning. The same goes for our seniors. We usually just give people gifts that they would personally enjoy.

    Sorry, I know I wasn't much help here in answering your question. >_< Good luck!

    I agree with the above answer that there aren't traditional gifts in the general sense. Gift giving traditions may vary by family, region of the US, holiday, etc.

    If there is a specific event that you are trying to get a gift for, let me know and I can give you some ideas!

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