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I want to know the meaning of each words please!( meaning of each words)

你(nǐ)听(tīng)不(bù)出来(chūlái)风声(fēngshēng)不(bù) 存在 (cúnzài)

是(shì) 我(wǒ) 在( zài) 感慨(gǎnkǎi)

梦(mèng) 醒来 (xǐnglái) 是 (shì) 谁 (shuí) 在 (zài) 窗台 (chuāngtái)

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    你(you)听(listen)不(no/negetive/deny)出来(litterally means come out)风声(the sound of wind)不(negetive) 存在 (exist )

    是(is ) 我(me) 在( doing) 感慨(lament)

    梦(dream) 醒来 (wake up ) 是 (is) 谁 (who) 在 (at) 窗台 (windowsill)

    well it looks like a poetry
    to make it more sensible you can't translate it word by word
    i'd try to make it more sensible with my understanding

    you don't know the sound of wind doesn't exsit
    it is i am lamenting/sighing
    wake up from a dream who's standing outside the windowsill

    hope it helps

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