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some unknown vocabulary


I am reading Harry Potter and I am having trouble with some words

"...lại có cả đống bọn khoác áo trùm nhôn nhạo dưới phố hôm nay"
Nhon nhao?? what is this?
"Ông Dursley vội phân bua"
Phan bua?
"Đúng như ông “mong đợi”, bà Dursley giật mình và đổ quạu"
Do quau?

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    I think.

    phân bua = explain
    đổ quạu = angry
    nhôn nhạo = messy and noisy

    nhộn nhạo = be in a stir. eg. The crowd was in a stir.
    phân bua = explain to every one not to think wrong or bad about speaker
    đổ quạu = angry

    + "phân bua": like when someone doubts whether you did something or not (especially something bad). But you wanna prove that you didn't do it, so you have to "phân bua". This word is formal, just use in literature
    + "nhộn nhạo": i think it should be "chaotic" because too many people or things gather in the street. the same words are: nhốn nháo, nhôn nhao
    + "đổ quạo": simply get angry. but i think it is an informal word
    have fun with vietnamese

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