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Two questions about egyptian language and religion

I always wondered and now want to ask. Is the ancient language in Egypt still common in use beside arabian? I mean the old character language from ancient Egypt you can find in the old pyramids and temples. All these wonderful paintings. Can the normal egyptian people still read and use it or is it possible for the egyptian children to take classes in this language? Or has the arabian language wiped the old ancient language in Egypt out?

The other question is quite the same. Do the egyptians still believe into the old Gods? I mean Ra the sun God, Bastet the cat goddess, Sobek the crocodile God of the Nile, Anubis the jackal God of the dead etc. or has Islam also wiped out these religions? I confess as a child I was very impressed by the old egyptian Gods and the ancient egyptian history. My aunt is still today haha.

Thank you in advance! :)

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    We don't use the ancient Egyptian language "hieroglyphs". Only tour guides and Archaeologists have to study this language and other than that it's optional.
    And no we don't believe in old gods, Since the Islamic and Christian conquer of Egypt :)

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