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Which one is correct? Thank you!

My back which had hurt all day was still painful that evening.
My back, which had hurt all day, was still painful that evening.

I think the first one is correct, but the answer is the second one. so I have a little doubt.

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    It's the second one. You can cut out the relative clause without losing any meaning to the core sentence.

    In the first sentence, the lack of commas tells us that the relative clause is vital to the sentence. Following that logic, the only possibility is if you had several backs, one of which hurt. o_O

    the second the non-restrictive attributive clause,if we remove the part"which is.....",the meaning is the same.If a person says"my back",others are bound to know,cause everyone has his back,only one we don't have to use the restrictive attributive clause,like the first one.

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