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What does it mean?

You're hysterical.

Does it mean "You're effusive."?

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    No, it means you are panicking and acting in a crazy, irrational manner.

    I do not think so.

    My dictionary tells me that "effusive" is usually used in a positive manner: showing happiness in a very emotional manner.

    a) Let's say that you voted for Mr.X and he wins. You would then have an effusive reaction: you would shout with happiness, you would smile all day, and you might even buy everyone in your office a cup of coffee.

    I think that the word "hysterical" is usually used in a negative manner. It means that you have lost control.
    That you have temporarily gone crazy. You are unable to think.

    b) Let's say that you are a pilot of an airplane that starts to have trouble. Well, as a professional pilot, it is your job to stay calm, to think of the best thing to do in such an emergency. But if a pilot became hysterical,. he might yell," We are going to die!" and he might run up and down the aisle of the airplane screaming and yelling and crying.

    You're hysterical = You're over emotional/ emotionally overwrought/agitated.

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