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How to use less?

1 My sister drives less well than my brother.
2 My sister drives less better than my brother.
Are these two sentences right?

Actually, I want to know how to use the word, less.

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    No they are wrong.
    Less is the opposite of 'more'.

    The word 'less' and the suffix '-less' are two completely different things.

    hopeless (without hope)
    aimless (lacking an aim)
    lifeless (without life)

    My mother gave me less food than my father (therefore he got more than me).
    I have less money than you. (You have more money than me).
    When the man got run over by the car, his body lay lifeless on the footpath.
    I was walking around aimlessly all day trying to find out where the bank was.

    1. My sister drives less well than my brother.

    a. I believe that this is correct grammar.
    b. Native speakers, however, do not seem to use the adverb "less" very much in that kind of sentence.
    (i) Probably most people would say:

    My sister does not drive as well as my brother.
    My brother drives better than my sister.


    Your second sentence is not possible. "Less well" is a comparative; "better" is also a comparative.

    a) I speak English less well than Mona.
    b) Mona speaks English better than I do.

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