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How do you say "God bless you" in Hebrew?

Toda Raba!

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    There are couple of way to say it:

    1) "SheElohim yevarach otha" which means may god bless you.

    2) "Hashem yevarech otha" which means the same thing but this time "hashem is used to say God.


    *Elohim/ Hashem- God

    Yevareh (Future form of Levareh)- To bless

    Otha- you

    * Notice Hashem and Elohim are both Hebrew terms to describe God. They both depend on the context of the sentence you want to say. Elohim is more commonly used on the daily basis but "Hashem" is used in more poetic and religious context.

    אלוהים יברך אותך

    using phonetic x (i.e. xummus, xalapeño, Guadalaxara...):
    "Elohim yevarex otxa" (to men) / "otax" (to women)

    both are spelled "אותך", with differnt Niqqud (diacritics).

    Elohim literally means God. Among hebrew speakers it ussually implies the hebrew god, but the word can refer to any belief system. For example, the second commandment uses this word: "You should not have other Elohim but me".

    Orthodox jews avoid using the word "Elohim" ouside prayers or studies. Some might even find a casual use of this word OFFENSIVE.
    השם / Hashem ("the name") is usually used as a casual alternative, common enough to become a frequent word by itself.
    Note that השם refers exclusively to the hebrew god.

    Another alt is אלוקים Elokim - altering a single letter so the word is no longer "sacred". Its' use is far less frequent, however.

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