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How to say "can you help me?" to a man and also to a woman in Hebrew

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    You can say it in several ways:

    1) You can ask: "Sliha, ata (at if F.) yahol (yehola if F.) laazor li?
    Excuse me, can you help me?

    2) Another way is to say "Ani Tzarih (Tzriha if F.) ezra"
    I need help.

    Just in case, here is a useful question to ask when talking to a Hebrew Speaker:
    "Ata medaber Anglit?" Do you speak English?


    Sliha- Sorry/ excuse me
    Ata- you (M)
    At- you (F)
    Yahol- can
    Laazor- to help
    li- me
    Tzarih- need
    Ezra- help
    Medaber- speak/ talk
    Anglit- English

    *Remember that verb always changes in Hebrew depending on the gender of the speaker and whether you talk to one person or a group.

    In addition to what Etay wrote:

    Excuse me, can i get help?
    Slicha, efshar le'kabel ezra?
    סליחה, אפשר לקבל עזרה?

    In order to avoid the problem of "male and female"
    In this sentence, the questioner can be male or female.
    In this sentence, you can ask from either male or female.

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