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is there any corrections ? 有没有毛病?

one of my life story's chapter is gonna end soon, chapter that started from four years ago .many things had already changed, even me, i'm mot like before any more ,and recently there are persons disappear slowly from my life , and there are who come back again after many years passed without knowing their news , but even with all of these changes , my " zero to hero " way hasn't change, i'm still on my way to make my dream true.

我的生活故事有一个章节不久会结束了,那个从四年前开始的章节。很多很多事情改变了,我也改变了,现在的我跟以前不一样。而且最近有的人渐渐离开我的世界,还有的人,从好久不知道他们的消息,渐渐再回来。但即使我的生活有这些改变,我还是在“Zero to Hero "的路上 ,尽我所能实现梦想 。

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    但如果是我翻译这段话,可能有些句子你没有用英文写出来,但是为了让句子更美,我会这么说:一个四年前开始的章节,即将在我的生活中结束。(随着时间的流逝),很多事情都发生了变化,我也不例外。我不再是从前的自己了,一些人渐渐地离我远去,而另一些久违的人却又再一次回到了我的生活里。但即使是我的生活有了这些改变,我还是一如既往的在“Zero to Hero "的路上,朝着梦想前进。
    final,your last sentence "i'm still on my way to make my dream true", I have a problem.but I'm not sure, I think "to make me dream come true" is right. hehe

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