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    Ben Hu's explaination is correct. However, I suspect you saw this "楼上你好" in an online discussion fourm situation. In this case, "楼上" refers to your post, which came before the person who posted "楼上你好" The person is simply saying "Hi, I saw your post."


    If you know English, it means: Hello, people who are (or live) upstairs.
    If someone said this to me, maybe he/she live/at downstairs


    Upstairs hello intention refers to live in their own home upstairs household greetings, but now many said for BBS on within a user's greetings

    as a matter of fact, it always appears in the words as a beginning for replies.
    for example:
    someone posted " It's so difficult to learn Chinese."
    someone replied "I'm chinese, so I don't think so"
    you made a reply " 楼上你好(hello, man above), you're chinese, so ,can you tell me how to learn chinese in a simple and systematic way".

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