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Spending a summer in the company of whales off the coast of Patagonia is a 1__________ in a lifetime opportunity. We spent at least twelve hours on the boat every day and learned a great 2_____ about the whales behavior. It seemed that our interest 3_______ reciprocated!
To encourage the whales to approach the boat we simply had to move a short distance from the coast, switch 4_______ the engines and wait. Younger whales who attempted to come closer were pushed 5_________ by their mothers, but older ones 6__________ allowed to play nearby. Some of these even came close enough for 7_____ to touch them.
On some occasions the sea seemed to be full of whales jumping 8______ of the water but at other times we saw 9________ any at all. Sometimes we could go for several days and 10______ see a single whale.
Later, however, we adopted a pattern. 11_________ day we had come upon a whale and 12_____ baby and we decided to keep visiting the pair at the same time every day. At 13_____ the mother would not let the baby approach us but, as time 14_______by, she allowed him to come closer and closer to the boat. It was a truly amazing experience to be rewarded 15_______ such trust at the end of our six weeks.

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my guesses are--> 1 must , 2 _____ , 3 was, 4 off, 5 away, 6 were, 7 us, 8 out, 9 ____, 10 only, 11 one, 12 its, 13 first, 14 goes, 15 with

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    1. once (una vez) 2. learned "a great deal" (aprendimos mucho) At the party, we laughed a great deal (reímos mucho) 3. was 4. off (switch off - apagar) 5. away (to push away - empujar (algo) para alejarlo) 6. were 7. us 8. out 9. none 10. not 11. One 12. its or (or "her" if we think it was the mother) 13. first 14. went 15. with

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