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Are there names in Bahasa Indonesia for the types of cat colouring?

Hi, I was asking my wife about this and she had no idea..
Are there names in Indonesian for different types of cat colours? For example in English we say Tabby, Calico, Tortoiseshell, etc.

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    i agree with ams, but not only colors, patterns can be used to name the cat too. if it has different colors (with patterns like stripes, dots, etc), we can call it belang (informal adjective of saying that it have 2 or more different colors). i can't think of any other names though, but of course people can name their pet whatever they like : )

    I think the same..


    Usually, we just name them as the colour they have. I mean, if the cat is white, we can call it si putih, if it's black, we can say si item, etc. I even call mine abu, because its colour is grey. Some people name their black pets blacky, which is usually a name for a dog.

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