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    you love tourism and you have been lots of places. then you can say: 我有很多旅游的 经历 。
    you are very very good at something. for example, you are a teacher who has worked for 20 years. you know very well how to teach how to manage students etc. then you can say: 我做老师做了二十年了。我很有 经验 。我是一个 有经验的 老师。
    阅历: for example, for old people, they have lots of 社会阅历/人生阅历. it means they know these implicit rules of society. they know how to deal with the relation between him and th people who they like or who they hate etc. when the young people meet some problem with some people or somehing they dont understand, the old people can talk with them teach them how to do.

    the difference between 阅历 and 经历:
    经历 means someone passes lots of things.
    阅历 means someone passes lots of things AND he gets a kind of understanding on them.

    for example, 在这次事故中,他经受了非常大的考验。 he suffered a lot in this accident.

    体验:you pass a thing which u have never done and you got a feeling. for example, you get your first girl friend, then you can say: 我体验到了恋爱的感觉。 I felt the feeling of love.

    经历:jīng lì To describe the bad or the good experience go through; to undergo; to experience; to come through; to undergo an experience's past experience; a professional career
    n:Means the matter that u did or suffered/underwent by ur own.For example:我自己的个人经历 (experience)
    v:Means u really suffered/underwent sth.For example:我经历过那次意外
    经验:jīng yàn
    1.experience; a lesson
    n:The skills or knowledge that u get from the practice.For example:他的经验很丰富
    经受:jīng shòu To describe the bad experience
    1.stand; met with ; subjected to; (v) endure through; stand up to; stood; undergoing; undergo
    v:bear sth. For example: 他经受了非人的折磨
    阅历:yuè lì see, hear or do for oneself
    n:A person`s life experience and the way of understanding refer to the society,life,and some other things. For example:他的阅历很丰富

    经历 = having experienced something (in a sentence)

    经验 = experience, usually for skills

    经受 = having to live through and experience something that's, most of the time, terrible

    阅历 = having done or seen by yourself, it's kinda mostly used for life experience


    体验 1.learn from practice . 体验人生百态。
    2. try new stuff. 请体验我公司的最新产品。

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