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Could you reccomend me some books for English language practice?

I tried to read a books, but I never finished it. Who knows the book, consisting exciting plot and simple text? "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" doesn't work:)
If you know the free resource for downloading books in epub, write it down, please!

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    If you are just beginning to read English, try reading Grimm's fairy tales or children's books. I especially enjoy 'The Giving Tree'.

    I would recommend that you listen to the audiobook version of the book you are reading. This will help you with both the pronunciation of the words and the flow of the English language. You can download audiobooks at Check out their kids' and young adults' sections. You have to have a membership to the site, though. There is a branch of ebay called where you can buy inexpensive used copies of books, although I don't know how much the shipping would be to Russia.

    Hi have a look here


    Project Gutenberg has a lot of free books in English. If you read the Russian classics, these are on this site — but even more there are British, American, maybe Australian writers, depending on your taste.

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