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need your help to say this as polie as possible

My boss has a meeting with the CEO of my company tomorrow and told me to send her a reminder via sms and remind her to talk about my promotion with the CEO . What should i write as a reminder? Plus, i want to tell her to talk about my rise with the CEO in a way no misunderstanding happens for the CEO.
Thanks for the help in advance

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    Well, since it's an sms you need a different format to speaking or writing an email... plus there's a limit of space. Here's how I'd write it:

    Good morning [boss' name], just sending a reminder re. my promotion when you talk with the CEO. Many, many thanks.
    [your name]

    As for discussing your pay rise (grammatically, we NEVER say "discuss about"; always "discuss" + object) you simply have to trust your boss on this one. You should have already discussed the pay rise with her.

    Remember honorifics like Mr, Mrs, Ms, unless the other insists that it is fine to be on a first name basis(which is rare). Avoid use of slang. Speak clearly and enunciate. That's all I can think of for now :D

    Dear Mr./Mrs. (your boss family name), this is to remind that you will have a meeting with the CEO tomorrow at xx (time) + place. I would be greatly appreciated if you could kindly discuss about my promotion with him/her (the CEO) during the meeting. Thank you.

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