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How do I start learning a language if I don't know how to speak the language completely?

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    Well you can start off by learning new words and then start making simple sentences, and find some one who speaks the language you are interested in learning and practice with them.

    Hello, David!

    Actually, that's a good question! In order to start learning a new language you have to find a compelling reason that would keep you up to the task: be it that you've planned to visit/move overseas in a country where the language in question is spoken, that you've found a very interesting girl and you want to talk to her, but she doesn't understand your language; because you've clinched up a high-benefits job and there's a better opportunity there for you, but it is necessary you speak in another language because they'll send you to one of the branches overseas... You get the idea!

    There are lots of methods out there that would work for you. I'd recommend you to get one that is more than 60% of audio in its material.

    My inspiration to learn English? Well, it's the most spoken language worldwide. That's more than enough of a reason to learn it!




    1- Start with learning some new words and listening at first ( so you can get familiar with the language that you are learning ) .
    2- start repeating the words that you learned
    3- Read simple sentences or paragraphs
    4- Use everything you learned in your daily life
    5- Start writing some sentences and make some friends that can help you

    Hi David, that's a good question. First I learnt basic pronouns like I, you, he, she, they. Then the conjugation of the verb to be. Example: I am = Je suis.This site's excellent:

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