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When to use 말이야

I encountered this word while arguing with my friends during 수업
the sentence I heard her say was
그리고 나 진짜 보고싶하는건 말이야...the 보고 part is a bit sketchy. I don't know how to spell it out. If anyone can give times that are appropriate to use 말이야 please let me know. Thank you.

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    Here are some examples that I think will help answer your question.

    from the link above:
    "Interjected 말이다 (말 words, talk + Plain Style copula -이다): it is to say = I mean, you-know, you-see, now see here, let me tell ya, uh, that is, I'm tellin' ya."

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    Also, please note that there are some Korean verb endings that look very similar to this.

    For example, see

    TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 4 / -고 말다

    "express something you end up doing or when a certain action comes to an end or is completed after a series of events. -고 말다 is similar to -아/어/여 버리다, but there are a couple differences."
    그리고 나 진짜 보고싶하는건 말이야
    그리고 내가 진짜 보고 싶어 하는 것은 말이야.

    위에서 '말이야'는 군말(redundant words)입니다. 말이야 "I mean..."

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