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how to ask "am I pretty?" in a "more polite/elegant way"

one of my friends ask me this because of her narcissism, I think. = =
but I don't know the answer either. lol
how to ask "am I pretty?" in a "more polite/elegant way"

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    This is a little weird, however I think you could say something like "Do you think I'm pretty?"


    If you ask someone this they will probably think you are weird, I don't think there is a polite or a rude way to ask someone if you are pretty, you can just say "Do you think I'm pretty?"

    I agree with the other answers. This is not a common question people would ask one another. It would make people think you are quite vain. To add to the other answers you could say:
    Am I easy on the eye ?


    I guess "Do you consider me good-looking?" is a little more elegant, but it still sounds vain.

    Or you could go the opposite way: "Whaddya reckon, I ain't too fugly, am I?" (completely inelegant)

    There is no polite way of asking this. Just by asking this question, reveals that the person is vain.

    Supposing that you don't want to sound vain you could ask in an indirect way to get an answer such as, "I just got this new hair cut how do you think it looks on me?" or "how do my new clothes look?" or something of that sort.

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