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question about religion in Korean

how would translate these...
1) are you religious?
2) I am not religious
3) He is very religious
4) I think religion can be sometimes be very brainwashing, people just contradict themselves and use it against other people

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    1) 예수 믿나요? ( 종교가 있나요? => actually here in korea, we have big 3 religions, Buddhism,the catholic and the christian. I think in western countries, that sentence could mean do you believe in god/Jesus coz they may think Religion is Jesus, but here in korea, Religion could be not only Jesus but one of them. thats why i say 예수(jejus) and 종교(religions)
    2) 없습니다.
    3) 그는 독실한 신자입니다.
    4) 종교는 때로는 매우 쇠뇌적이다. 사람들은 자신을 부정하고( 그 종교에 맹신하고) 다른 사람들도 그렇게 되도록 만든다.

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