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-에 라고 -에서. How to distinguish them?

I'm still confused about this. Sometimes I can't divide the differences between -에 and -에서.
제발 도와 주세요.

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    maybe you show us some examples first ^^
    예제 문장을 보여주시겠어요?

    there could be different kinds of answers you don't want with no examples.
    예제가 없으면 원하지 않는 다른 엉뚱한 답이 달릴 수도 있을 것 같네요.

    -에 :
    서울에 사니? --- Do you live in Seoul?
    (same as "in" or "at")
    어디에 가니? --- where are you going?
    (indicating a destination. this sentence has the same meaning with "어디로 가니?")

    -에서 :
    그 정류장에서 보자 --- meet me at the bus stop
    (same as "-에", it is used as "in" or "at". But you'd better use in a pair with designated verbs)
    너 어디에서 오고 있니? --- where are you coming from now?
    (indicating a point of departure)

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