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How can I learn English grammar

I want to learn English grammar effectively for writing and speaking skills , but how ?
I read grammar book ? or I write and speak and shout sentences out without worry about it ?

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    One way to learn it would be through a class, either in a physical classroom or online at places like italki. If you prefer working with a teacher in real life, then you could try to find a local English school or a tutor in your location.

    If you don't mind learning online, I know that many teachers here on italki provide English grammar lessons. I have a grammar class I teach, you want to check it out. :)

    The trouble with buying your own grammar book or working without a teacher or tutor is that you won't always know the best way to learn the material. Grammar in English is difficult, and learning it in a certain way, or a certain order, will make it easier to understand.

    The teachers on italki do charge for their lessons, but it is very much worth the cost to have someone help you. Please feel free to visit my teacher profile page to learn more!

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