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The difference between "perspective" and "perception"

As title, I'm confused by there two words.
It all means someone's opinions about something.
Can anyone explain it to me?

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    Perspective is literally the place from where you look at things. If you are looking down from an airplane you have an aerial perspective. A perspective is kind of how you view things from your position. (i.e. if you are a boss you have a different way of looking at a situation than an employee). Perception is your deductions from your perspective. It's what you notice when you look out. Does that help? I'm curious to know what your dictionary has to say about the subject?


    Here is a formal definition of perspective with some sample sentence. This may be helpful to you, but in general it means the way you think and understand something.

    1 : a way of thinking about and understanding something (such as a particular issue or life in general) [count] ▪ He helped us see the problem from a new perspective. [=angle, point of view] ▪ The story is told from the perspective of a teenage boy in the 1940s. ▪ marriage as seen from a male/female perspective ▪ From an economic perspective, the policy has some merit. ▪ a critique of the war from a historical perspective — often + on ▪ My grandmother has a surprisingly modern perspective [=outlook] on life. ▪ They had totally different perspectives on the war. [noncount] ▪ He had a complete change of perspective after his illness. 2 [noncount] a : a condition in which a person knows which things are important and does not worry or think about unimportant things
    ▪ He had lost all sense of perspective and believed that his life was ruined. — often used after in or into ▪ She helped him put his life in proper perspective. ▪ Seeing how difficult their lives are has really put my problems into perspective.
    b : the ability to understand which things are truly important and which things are not
    ▪ Try to keep/maintain your perspective and not get too worried about it. ▪ I was trying to gain some perspective on the things that I learned in college. [=I was deciding which things were important and which things were not] 3 [count] : the angle or direction that a person uses to look at an object
    ▪ She drew the building from several different perspectives. ▪ From this perspective, the city looks peaceful. 4 [noncount] : a way of showing depth or distance in a painting or drawing by making the objects that are far away smaller and making the objects that are closer to the viewer larger
    ▪ I admire her use of perspective in her paintings. ▪ a drawing done in perspective = a perspective drawing

    As you seen perspective is use in different ways. Now let's look at the word perception. In general it is the same meaning as prerception except for the addition of the ability to notice or understand something easily. So that is the only difference. I can understand why it would be confusing to understand.

    a [count] : the way you think about or understand someone or something — often + of ▪ People's perceptions of this town have changed radically. ▪ the public/public's perception of nuclear power — see also self-perception
    b [noncount] somewhat formal : the ability to understand or notice something easily
    ▪ She shows remarkable perception. 2 [noncount] somewhat formal : the way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses
    ▪ visual/spatial perception — see also depth perception, extrasensory perception

    I hope that is helpful for you.

    They're totally different words.

    Perspective means point of view and it's like 观点 in Chinese.
    Perception means your impression of something and it's like 印象 in Chinese.

    Both words have additional meanings, as well, but that is the key difference if you are using these words to give your opinion about something.

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