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what does "the blow would fall"mean?

【Governor Connally had just held his press conference in the Longhorn Room. He was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the Kennedys and talking to Bob Baskin. Baskin was looking forward to a ride on Air Force One with the press pool. He hadn't read his own paper yet; the blow would fall after he had boarded the plane. They were just finishing their chat when Yarborough trudged out, deep in thought. O'Brien darted to his side. "We wish you'd reconsider, Senator," he began. "The President will be very pleased if you ride with the Vice President." Yarborough, dogged, was about to shake his head. O'Brien scanned the press buses. He said swiftly, "They're watching us, you know. This is their big story." The Senator planted his legs and intoned, "IH be proud to talk to them about proof of the President's popularity, Larry. The multitudes who have thronged the streets of Texas' greatest cities in an unprecedented outpouring of affection offer far more ample proof than anything I can do."】

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    A sudden, negative thing would happen.

    "A blow" can mean a punch or a strike. Used figuratively, it means a shocking disappointment or tragedy.

    Mike's answer is very good. Blow is another word for 'punch' in boxing. It goes with the verb 'fall' and also with the verb 'land,' but in different ways.

    The blow fell on X. = X was punched.
    X landed a blow. = X punched somebody.

    I can't tell what the 'blow' refers to in this passage, but it's about the days before Kennedy was assassinated, right?

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