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What I should use starting the question about person: "Are you..." or "Do you..."?

Please give me examples

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    1. Are you a student?
    2. Are you a male?
    3. Are you visiting italki now?
    4. Are you tall?
    5. Are you sure?


    6. Do you speak English?
    7. Do you like broccoli?
    8. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    9. Do you read a newspaper every day?
    10. Do you ever go to the beach?


    You ask "Are you ...?" when the verb is TO BE.
    You ask "Do you ...?" with other verbs.

    Your question is not clear enough. I think what you wanted to say is "What should I use when asking a question about someone's health, job, and so on?"

    You could say: Are you happy? Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you have children? Are you married? Do you have a specific hobby? Do you like soccer?

    I'm not sure whether I understood your question or not :)


    "Are you?" refers to a state of being whereas "do you?" refers to a kind of action.


    Are you... (noun/adjective/participle) ?

    Do you... (verb) ?

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