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the word of "pálinka"

What spirits are included in "pálinka" ?
I can regard Whiskey or Vodka as one of "pálinka"s ?
And all of spirits, for example, over 30 %
of alcohol content can be called "pálinka" ? In short,
I would like to know the definition of "pálinka".

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    Pálinka is a fruit brandy. Basically, the fruit is fermented then distilled (the 'pál-' root is borrowed from the Slavonic language group and means to burn, ie. distil). Water is only added to maximize the balance of flavour and strength, so most of these spirits are about 55-60%.

    It must be made from fruit, so vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila etc cannot classify as pálinka.

    There's a clear definition on this wikipedia page:

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