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good, nice ,well how to use.

Please teach me, good, nice, well, difference in how to use.
Please show me example.

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    Good: means いい ['Good at' means 上手]

    The weather is good

    Good question

    (Other examples: good choice, good idea, good weekend, good movie, have a good time, good child)
    Nice: sometimes means 優しい, sometimes means いい, sometimes means すてき

    She's a nice person

    The weather is nice

    That's a nice hat

    (other examples: nice teacher, nice day, nice smell, nice dress)
    well: sometimes means 元気, sometimes means 旨く

    Are you feeling well?
    I'm not feeling well

    I did well in the exam


    good, nice, well
    Examples:- GOOD - He is a good football player.
    NICE - That is a nice picture.
    WELL - He played well today.

    GOOD (adjective = describes the noun)

    1. The cookies smell good. (Describes "cookies")
    2. Mona is a good student. (Describes "student.")
    3. You have asked a good question. (Describes "question")

    NICE (adjective)

    4. Mona is nice. (Describes "Mona")
    5. Mona is a nice girl. (Describes "girl")
    6. These cookies are nice. (Describes "cookies")

    WELL (adverb)

    7. You speak English well. (Describes how you speak)
    8. The baseball team played well last night. (how they played)
    9. She dances very well. (how she dances)

    NOTE: "Well" can also be an adjective, as in "Mona feels well." = She is in good health. ("Mona feels good" = She is happy or in a good mood.)

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