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Am I translate english to Japanese language correctly

1) 31日、アルジェリア政府が事件のあと初めて施設を見せることにしたため、NHKの記者など150人が施設に入りました。
On 31st, Algeria Government in decision able to see the initial facility after the incident. Such NHK reporter 150 persons have put in under this facility.
( 見せることにしたため - what meaning ?)
(政府が事件のあと - what meaning ?)

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    →It means "Algeria Government had the facility to be opened to the media."
    I think it would be better to translate it to 公開したことにしたため ,not 見せることにしたため.

    →I think "after the incident" refers to "facility".

    So your first sentence I checked is,

    The second sentence is very good job! :D


    31日に、アルジェリア政府が (事件のあと、初めて) 施設を見せることを決めました。だから、NHKの記者など150人が施設に入りました。

    On 31st, Algerian government decided to show the facility for the first time after the incident, so 150 people including NHK reporters went into the facility.

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