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how to understand this sentence?

‘I’ll get a grapefruit juice with slimline tonic and a packet of

Worcester Sauce crisps,’ she says sullenly, without looking at me. I’

d like to correct her Americanism. She is not going to get a grapefruit

juice, she would like one if Sonia wouldn’t mind, please, and thank

you very much.

Additional Details:

1. does the “slimline tonic”mean losing weight food.
2. does the “Americanism” mean accent or somethingels?
3. the last sentence is Sonia's imagination. how to understand it,especially the last part “please, and thank you very much”?

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    A slimline tonic would be tonic water with no sugar or calories.
    It is not an American accent that is being talked about here, but a way of saying something - the words that are used.
    "I'm getting a grapefruit juice." - This is the way an American would say it
    "I'm getting a grapefruit juice, if you wouldn't mind, please" - Considered the polite way of saying it for the English.
    When the other person replied that they wouldn't mind, a 'thank you' would be expected. 'Thank you very much' was just said to add sarcasm.

    1) Slimline tonic is diet tonic water. Diet as in Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi.
    2) Here, the "Americanism" refers to the way she spoke. It seems that it is an American mistake to say, "I'll get," instead of, "Please give me" or "I'd like." Sonia is upset because it is presumptuous for the woman to say "I'll get," rather than to be more humble and unassuming.
    3) The last sentence is kind of hard to understand. I see two ways.

    Way 1: Sonia is thinking of the words she thinks the woman should have said. She thinks the woman should have said, "I would like one if you wouldn't mind, please. Thank you very much."

    But it's probably Way 2: Sonia is first thinking of the words she thinks the woman should have said ("I would like one if you wouldn't mind.") Then she is making a sarcastic statement in her mind, "Please, and thank you very much." So Sonia is thinking, "Please say it like this. Thank you very much."

    "Please, and thank you very much" is a thing to say after you tell another person what to do. It is a bit rude, because there is no time between "please" and "thank you." There is no chance for the other person to actually do what you ask. You just assume that they will do it.

    It's kind of a difficult phrase to understand and I don't think I've explained it that well, but it's basically a way to say polite words when you don't feel like being polite. Sonia doesn't feel like being polite to her rude customer, so she thinks the polite words, but not in a polite way.

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