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How to say this in English language teaching?

When I am reading a second language reading book, I can not understand every words of the book, but I can keep on reading and understand the main idea. However, my students haven't the tolerance of these words they can not understand.
Is there some special TERM of such skill? the tolerance of illegibility?

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    I know of no special term for that skill. I think most people would just make up a term that accurately describes the skill, such as the term you used, "tolerance of illegibility." For example, a linguist might write a report about reading in a second language. The linguist might write, "Some language learners have the ability to read beyond words they don't understand in order to comprehend the main idea of the sentence. In this report, such an ability will be referred to as 'tolerance of illegibility.'"

    This is only my estimation, though.

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