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Please could you explain to me the difference between "so" and "such"?


I am a little bit confused about their use. Could you explain the rule to me and give me some examples. Thank you in advance!

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    Use (such) to make a noun more extreme for example:you always were such an awful driver.
    Use(so) to make an adjective or adverb more extreme.for example You were driving so badly.
    I am just so happy.


    Hello Grazia:

    The two words are not "equivalent" so there is no rule which governs them as though they meant similar things. Member Sheida has given some excellent counsel on this.

    For example, SO can be used as a kind of introductory term, as in:

    "So, have you finally decided to study English?"

    "So, have you decided to go to college?"

    But it offers emphasis, as Sheida indicates:

    "I hate that teacher so much! He is just so mean to me! He is so critical of everything I say in class!".


    Such is used differently on many occasions, although you can use it as you used "so" in the examples I gave. Like this:

    "I hate that teacher for being such a jerk! He is just such a mean person!
    You know, he is such a constant critic of every single thing I do in class!"


    Here are more usages of each.

    "This Party is such a disaster. There is no one here that I like!"

    "There is so much anger in that person! They are so angry all the time."
    "There is so much love in that person! I so much enjoy being around them."

    "There is no such thing as a Married Bachelor. That is an Oxymora."

    "I have never heard of such a thing. Have you ever heard of such a thing?"

    "There is so much salt in this food that I cannot eat it!"

    "I love you so much!"

    "I feel so-so, I guess" (meaning I am only "okay" and not "great".

    "Sheida is such a good teacher. I never knew that there would be such a nice teacher on italki."

    ---Warm regards, Bruce


    hello grazia, for added information "so" is also used as a conjunction indicating a reason for an action or situation. Ex. Let's go upstairs and talk, so we can have a little privacy.
    while the word "such" is an adjective which means "of a particular kind" let me give you a sample sentence: I've never heard such nonsense.

    so + adjective / adverb
    such + noun

    I like them. They are so nice.
    I like them. They are such nice people.

    They make the meaning stronger.

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