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Please could you explain to me the difference between "so" and "such"?


I am a little bit confused about their use. Could you explain the rule to me and give me some examples. Thank you in advance!

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    Use (such) to make a noun more extreme for example:you always were such an awful driver.
    Use(so) to make an adjective or adverb more extreme.for example You were driving so badly.
    I am just so happy.


    hello grazia, for added information "so" is also used as a conjunction indicating a reason for an action or situation. Ex. Let's go upstairs and talk, so we can have a little privacy.
    while the word "such" is an adjective which means "of a particular kind" let me give you a sample sentence: I've never heard such nonsense.

    so + adjective / adverb
    such + noun

    I like them. They are so nice.
    I like them. They are such nice people.

    They make the meaning stronger.

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