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why are you or why do you

why is "why are you looking at me",not "why do you looking at me'?,

is "why do you look at me" right?

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    "Why ARE you LOOKING at me?"

    If you rearrange the words for analysis, you can see why the correct word is "are": You ARE LOOKING at me why? (Of course, you would never say: You DO LOOKING at me why?)


    Here in the United States, if you are angry with someone who is looking at you, you might say:

    What are you staring at?


    Hello ButterDaisy:

    is "why do you look at me" right? -----Yes, and your other sentence is also correct, when you wrote: "why are you looking at me", Both sentences work equally well.

    For the sake of conversation, I hope you do not object to looking at you; because watching people is a most fascinating activity. I watch people continually, and often seek eye contact with them, and offer a smile, if I think that they are nice people or loving people.

    It is an essential wisdom, to show Love to the Loving, and disinterest to those who do not offer Love. Friendly people always seem eager to share love, through casual conversation, smiles, and the echange of "pleasantries". It might mean talking about the weather or some other neutral topic.

    I hope you enjoy it when people look at you. A smile is the appropriate response, and then one can look away after a brief glance. If one is very attractive, all kinds of people will want to watch you. Beauty is always a magnet for attention.

    I often see people during my day, and I might think that a man or woman looks tired, or intelligent, or gentle. It is not uncommon for me to think, "Oh my, She looks so sweet!" I might think, "That man is very nice looking!" These are very common for me. I assess all that I see, very quickly, just as I can determine if people are carrying a great deal of anger, worry, or fear inside. I see those also.

    Please continue to write more. You are probably a most interesting person. ---Warm Regards, Bruce

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