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"a wealth" or "a huge"?


Hello, friends. I'm Artem.
Welcome to our website.
Here you can find a wealth (a huge) of useful information to improve your English language skills.
Together, step by step, we'll solve all your current problems with the English language so that you can speak the English language fluently and easily.
Learn the most naturally way with us - playfully, and without stress with fun and engaging lessons, and no textbooks and use your knowledge to achieve all your goals: in your business, education, new meetings, travel the world and etc.
I wish you success in everything that you have planed.
and Welcome!

please, correct the written text

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    "Huge" is not a noun, so you can't use it in that sentence. I would go with a "wealth" here, since that is a noun. You would use "huge" to describe another noun. For example:

    ...a huge amount of information...

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