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films or musik in Norwegian

I want found films or musik in Norwegian without translation or with english subtitres. Help me please!

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    The best way to get Norwegian films or music is to buy it in Norway, or you can order it from a webpage. Or, of course, you can just download something. But are you looking for Norwegian films or just random movies with Norwegian voices?
    I suggest any movie starring Kristoffer Joner if you want to watch Norwegian films. Also a movie called "Jonny Vang" starring the Norwegian actor Axel Hennie. And you should see the films about "Elling" (the first one of them was nominated for an oscar) the films are based on the books (also called "Elling") by Ingvar Ambjørnsen.
    There is many good bands from Norway actually singing in Norwegian. Seigmen is one of the best after my opinion; the lyrics are just genius and the music is great. Another band you should check out is Kaizers Orchestra; they play Norwegian songs only, but they're from Stavanger and people talks a bit strange there, so you may not understand what they sing (but neither does other european countries, and they still like the band). And if you like Norwegian music you have to listen to Jokke og Valentinerne! Their lyrics are perfect and their music is really charming, besides it's easy to understand.
    And since Norway is famous for good metal bands you probably want to check out some of them too. My recommendation: Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Windir, Mayhem and Borknagar:-)


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