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What is the difference between "award" and "reward" ?

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    Award and reward can both be nouns and verbs.

    As a noun, reward is something (anything, really) that is given in exchange for some action or behavior. An award is usually one of two things:
    ( 1 ) a medal or decoration
    ( 2 ) money or rights/privileges given by a court of law. Awards are often tokens that are sources of pride and meant to be displayed, whereas rewards tend to be more fleeting and practical.

    For example:

    As a reward for working on his days off, Sam was given an extra day of vacation.
    Sam received no medal or certificate or anything else.

    Sam received an award for Employee of the Month.
    Sam probably got some certificate or something (the 'award'), but may not have gotten anything practical.

    An award may also be dictated by a judge in a court. The victim of a drunk driver might win an award of $500,000, or a son contesting his father's will might win the rights to sell the father's estate.

    In any event, the verb forms are created just like most other English verbs from nouns. One will generally be rewarded for something, but be awarded some object or honor.

    Sam was rewarded for working on his days off by getting extra vacation.

    Sam was awarded a Gold Star and certificate for being Employee of the Month.

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