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pray to God or pray for god

seems that both are right?Is there any difference?

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    I did some research and found that the group 3rd wave is a Christian group. To them it would make sense if you think of in this way, maybe they are saying to "pray for God" to help people.


    Pray to God is correct. You would say it the other way because we would not think that God needs prayers.


    You PRAY TO God/Goddess and PRAY FOR what you want, e.g., "I am PRAYING FOR rain. She is PRAYING FOR her sister's health. Let's all PRAY together FOR world peace."


    Praying to god - is talking to good about your gratitude and love towards him, and possibly you are praying FOR someone to him, because they might be ill or need some help.

    Praying to god - you are praying directly to him
    Praying for SOMEONE to god - you are praying to god for that person.
    If you pray for god, doesnt make sense, since he is god. I guess in a way they are the same.

    Great question!

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