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what do u think the rock roll bring to u?

people always say music is the most effective i think if someone wants to learn a language,he can start with the music of that language.i like rock,especially pop punk, i wanna know what do u think music bring to u?

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    To be fair, a great deal of the music I listen to is just instrumental (no lyrics.) Be it post-rock from Korea, modern classical from Japan or traditional guqin music from China, lyrics only play an insignificant role, if even that. However, that's not to say this kind of music does not have a coherent message that I enjoy deciphering. Like you said, it's a different form of language, a deeper way of communication.

    The way I see it, it's more like a universal language, than a particular one specific to each country. I feel like I can listen and understand Korean post-metal without knowing the first thing about their language. Having said that, my stance on this situation is that I couldn't care less where the music was recorded, and I try to keep a boundless universe on music, rather than divide it by countries. Art has its own language, I like to think.



    Hello Leena:

    Rock and Roll presents populist ethics and gives the most ordinary of people a public voice. It is also, as music with simple lyrics, one of the most excellent tools for learning spoken English. Country Songs, Romantic Songs, Folk Songs, and nearly any old song you can think of, serve to be an excellent tool for teaching the English Language. I use them with all of my students--Warm Regards, Bruce

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