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Is it just my laptop...

or does anyone else have the same issue as I? Unable to send messages???

I tried like 500 times to send messages and they just won't SEND!!!!!! ЧЁРТ!!!!!!!!!!

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    yea, i am having the same issue. I submited a form to italki support. Hopefully it will be fixed. :)
    Yes, i have the same problem right now


    Hello Geraldine:

    Exactly! I have the same problem. Many people have messaged me, but italki, does not actually "send" the reply that I type!
    Also, when I answer questions etc, the "Submit" menu button does not always work. I sometimes have to hit it several times.

    Perhaps the Servers they use to run their software programs are no longer large enough to handle the load of memory? The programs "drag" and the menu buttons are slow to respond.

    --Warm Regards, Bruce
    Yes, i also have :(

    Even I am having the same problem!!!
    So now I have to go to my friends' profiles and send the messages there:/

    такая же фигня, ненавижу italki за это

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