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How to understand this sentence?

Important people on both sides, who would in other respects appear to be reasonable men, get up and calmly argue in favor of violence.

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    I understand it this way:

    Let's say that the government wants to make it illegal to eat ice cream.

    Some people like the idea.
    Some people dislike the idea.

    But both sides calmly say: We will use violence in order to win. That is, those people who want to make ice cream illegal will use violence to stop ice cream eating; those people who want the right to eat ice cream will use violence in order to have their ice cream.

    If it were any other issue (for example: Should the government go to war in country X?), both sides (the YES people and the NO people) would discuss the matter in a reasonable manner before making a decision. They would not go crazy (as they would regarding ice cream eating).


    To mean it means that it is ironic ( that men could be so calm and yet speak about being violent.

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