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Do I need "them"? Or.. is it "IT" that's missing? Or none of them?

a) I find sentences that were put literally plain boring, banal and vapid, especially there are other good ways to say ( __ ).

b) But I can't help it since those expressions come to my mind first even before I think of other ways of saying ( __).

Hi, what goes in the blanks in (a) and (b)?
Can you tell me please..; (
Thank you.

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    "Say" is almost always a transitive verb, i.e., a verb that needs an object. The exception would be in sentences like this: "'Hello,' he said.'"

    So in this case you need to add "them" in the blanks because you need an object to go after "say" -- you need to show what is being said. "Them" refers back to "sentences" or "expressions" so that's why you couldn't use "it." Leaving the gaps blank is not an option either.


    "Them" is plural, and "it" is singular. So ask yourself, which sentence requires which word?

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