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Human resources vs Human capital

I think both of these expression are the same.
Both means some invaluable, component, and qualified people who can produce economic value.

I wonder if I am right.

Could you please help me, if I am wrong?

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    Technically, they mean the same thing, but from an emotional standpoint, they are different.
    'Capital' is defined as “accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods". The term 'human capital' seems to some to consider people at the same level as machinery.

    In general, 'human resources' is preferred, though you may see 'capital' used.

    Yes, they're very similar. Most of the time, when they are used they mean workers or staff.

    In a U.S. company there is almost always a department called Human Resources. They take care of things like the company's medical insurance plan, retirement benefits plan, and forms that you fill out when you start a job or leave the company.

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