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In German, how to know gender of substantives?

In German language I know that there are 3 kind of Gender, masculine (der), feminine (die) and neuter (das), but how can I know or recognize gender of substantives? Is there a rule I can follow to know it? Or should I just memorize it?

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    Hier gbt es leider auch keine Regel, man lernt am besten jeden Artikel mit dem Nomen zusammen.
    Vielleicht kann dir diese Seite etwas helfen:



    yes, there are some rules:

    a) All nouns ending in -ung; -heit; -keit - are feminine:

    die Wohnung, die Klugheit, die Ewigkeit

    b) The months and seasons are masculine: der Januar /Februar..... - der Frühling /Sommer /Herbst /Winter

    c) Nouns ending in -chen are diminutives. They are always neuter:

    die Katze (feminine) BUT: das Kätzchen; der Baum(masculine) BUT: das Bäumchen .... This is also the reason, why it has to be: das Mädchen, because we're refering to the grammatical gender of the noun.

    Some (additional) rules or guidelines (some are already mentioned above)
    der (masculine)
    - biogical: der Vater, der Stier
    - days, month, seasons
    - car types: Audi, Opel, BMW

    die (female)
    - bioloical: die Frau, die Kuh
    - nouns ending on: - heit, -keit, -schaft, -ung (Freiheit, Freundlichkeit, Freundschaft, Umgebung)
    - a profession ending on -in: Polizistin, Sekretärin)
    guideline: words ending on "e" are often female. Guideline!!! no rule. Exception f.e. der Name, der Käse, der Kaffee.

    das (neutrum)
    - noun ending on -chen and -lein: makes it often "small" (exception: das Mädchen f.e., the girl).
    der Stuhl (chair) - das Stühlchen (little chair)
    - noun ending on a, o, i, y: Audo, Radio, Baby

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