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How do you say "I want to talk to you" in Spanish?

Can you give me both informal and formal, please? (If there is a difference)

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    Formal (Sr./Md.) "Quisiera hablar con usted" (I'd like to talk with you)
    Informal (friends, same age) "Hablemos?"/"Conversemos?" (let's talk) "Quiero hablar contigo?" (I want to talk with you)
    In spanish, it's often prefered to say 'talk with' than 'talk to' because a conversation always involves 2 or more people talking. You might talk to a dog, though you always talk with people, friends, etc.


    You can say so informally (quiero hablar contigo) or(YO quiero habalr contigo) is a personal decision,
    the two forms are correct, but the way (quiero hablar contigo)is used more when they know the person or depending on the intonation of voice is the form of tax and mandate, the way I want to talk to you(yo quiero hablar contigo) is more respectful and informal.

    How formal it, can I talk to you (puedo yo hablar contigo), please let me talk to you, (porfavor me permites hablar contigo) are two of the most common forms and respectful.

    I hope I have answered your question.
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