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How to express it ?Which one is correct?Help!

As you might know ,this is a job ,but I am not quite sure which one is the most suitable phrase.These three phrases are :assistant president,president assistant ,assistant of president.I saw some people choose the first one ,but I think "assistant president" emphasizes the word "president" ,however ,the assistant is actually not charge of doing the work as a president though here we say assistant.I do think when we describe this job,we should put emphasis on assistant,so I prefer the second one and the third one,but I am not sure whether am I right?Plz help me solve this problem.

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    How about Presidents Assistant? President with an "s" in the end.

    It is likely that Aisha is correct, although to be picky, it would be "President's assistant" with an apostrophe. This would mean a worker who assists the president - perhaps a receptionist or secretary. "Assistant to the President" would have the same meaning. "Assistant President" has a different meaning. It would be a title, like Deputy President, implying someone who is an office bearer, immediately junior to the President.

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